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Drupal 7

Replace standard icons of attached files (for the field type - file) on the another icons, for the Drupal themes. And the way to disable them altogether.

31 Oct 2016

Adding a unique class for each menu item for the Drupal 7 themes, using the function in the template file. It may be necessary, for example, to the designation of each menu item to various color, etc.

31 Oct 2016

Adding a separator to the menu items for the Drupal 7 themes, using the function in template.php file. A good way if you do not fit solution with pseudo-classes: before,: after in CSS.

21 Oct 2016

Detailed instructions for installing the core Drupal 7, install the required modules and configure them, setting permissions, the creation of content types, russification (translated interface).

5 Aug 2016