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Installation and initial configuration Drupal 7

5 Aug 2016


Detailed instructions for installing the core Drupal 7, install the required modules and configure them, setting permissions, the creation of content types, russification (translated interface).


We start with the fact that on the hosting downloaded and unzipped Drupal, and database was created.

Core installation

Visit our website, see the invitation to the installation. Choose the minimal (without creating content types by default, and to avoid the inclusion of unnecessary modules) and continue.

Here, we continue (Russification or translate is already installed Drupal).

Database - fill in your data.

  1. Base Type
  2. The database name
  3. Database user (usually made by one name: database and the user)
  4. Password

Next, fill in the information on the site. All data can be easily changed from the admin panel. Fill not afraid.

  1. The name of the site and e-mail
  2. Data-admin account
  3. Country and the default time zone
  4. Update core and modules

The installation is complete, go to the link to your new site.

We see already installed Drupal 7.

Necessary modules

At this stage, I recommend to fill admin_menu module (put the unpacked file to the folder / sites / all / modules /). Then go to Administration -> Modules. There choose Modules:

  • Contextual links - Contextual links for admin
  • Field UI - Working with Fields
  • File - type field - File
  • Image - type field - Picture
  • List - type field - List
  • Locale - Russification (multilingual)
  • Menu - Menu Control
  • Number - Fields of type int
  • Path - url pathes
  • PHP filter - (optional) for the field type PHP
  • Taxonomy - (optional) for all sorts of categorization, tags, etc.

And choose uploaded us admin_menu. They add convenience admin menu:

  • Administration Development tools
  • Administration menu
  • Administration menu Toolbar style

Administrator role

Add the role of the administrator:

  • In the admin menu select people -> permissions -> roles
  • Adding a role - admin or root (or whatever)

Next, go to the page - list of users, then the edit page.

Tick our new role.

Next, go to the page - admin / config / people / accounts.

  1. The path to the page in the admin menu
  2. Assign the Administrator role for our role
  3. You can adjust the registration of other accounts

Content type

Go to the page - admin / structure / types / add.
  1. The path to the page in the admin menu
  2. Type Name Content
  3. Setting the content type

Click "save and add the fields." Add the necessary fields and set up their display.

I recommend to create different types of content to the home page (for the main menu of the site) and for pages or blog entries.
Next will be more detailed setting for each site, but all in one article will not write. The next step is russify your site (or translated into the language you prefer).


Go to the page - / admin / config / regional / language.

  1. The path to the page in the admin menu
  2. Click to add the language

Select the needed language to us, click the "Add".

Here tick, our language will default, push "Save Configuration".

Downloading a translate file from site -
Go to the page - / admin / config / regional / translate / import.

  1. The path to the page in the admin menu
  2. Select the downloaded file (in the extension .po)
  3. Tick (add new rows, to replace the existing (plural form is updated))

Click "Import". Drupal core was translated, the modules are translating in the same way.


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