Ninja says he needs a break

Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has seemingly decided to take a break from streaming.

Ninja is known for streaming Fortnite and is currently the most followed channel on Twitch with over 18 million followers.

After some unusual behaviour on his social media accounts, it’s left some people confused as to what exactly has happened.

Yesterday, Ninja tweeted to say “big things are coming”. No other context was provided, and he then began a two and a half hours long stream. After the stream ended, Ninja tweeted again, saying “I just need a breakā€¦ I don’t know when I will be back, or where”.

His followers are now wondering why Ninja has suddenly announced a break, despite a cryptic tweet of something “big” on the horizon. The big announcement he teased could have been his decision to take a break from Twitch. Some are speculating that Ninja’s Twitch exclusivity deal could have come to an end, two years after he returned to the platform from Mixer.

Following the tweet announcing he would be taking some time away, Ninja’s other social media accounts all updated with the same text as the tweet, as well as removing his profile pictures and changing his display names to “User Not Found”. His Twitch channel is also no longer verified, meaning he’s no longer a partner with the platform.

Ninja has not specified whether burnout or another reason has prompted him to move away from streaming for the time being.