How will Russell Wilson’s contract impact Lamar Jackson’s talks?

With the football-following world following the news out of Baltimore regarding a possible new deal for quarterback Lamar Jackson, the Broncos quietly secured a seven-year commitment from quarterback Russell Wilson. How will the new Wilson deal affect Jackon’s effort to sign a long-overdue second contract?

It won’t make things any easier, if Lamar remains determined to get a fully-guaranteed contract. With Wilson and, before him, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray not getting fully-guaranteed deals, it will be much harder for Jackson to get a five-year extension with every penny fully guaranteed.

That may not deter Jackson. Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson got a fully-guaranteed contract. That may be all Jackson cares about. The Ravens, in contrast, will be less inclined to give Jackson a fully-guaranteed deal, given that two other teams managed to sign franchise quarterbacks to five-year deals without one.

It could make it impossible to get a deal done, if the issue of Jackson getting a fully-guaranteed contract becomes the sticking point for a new contract. And, frankly, it’s another reason for Jackson to have an agent.

At this point, Jackson needs an advocate who will try to get through to the Ravens — and a counselor who will try to get through to him. Negotiation is basically a device to get the Ravens to put their best offer on the table. Whenever that happens, and whatever it may be, Lamar needs someone who can objectively evaluate the offer and advise him on whether to take it, all things considered.

Last year, Lamar carried the risk of serious injury through the entire season. He managed to get through it without impacting his value. This year, will it make sense to roll the dice again, or will the right move be to take the best number the Ravens will put on the table? He needs someone to help him make that decision.

Anyone in that situation does. I would. You would. It’s too hard to see things clearly and to know the right path to take without someone who has true experience and wisdom and knowledge of the market. Given the unexpected twist of Wilson doing a deal that isn’t fully-guaranteed, it’s all the more reason for Jackson to have an independent voice to shepherd him through a very delicate process that is getting more tricky, not less.