Michael Mosley’s go-to breakfast for weight loss and surprising foods to avoid

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For people trying to lose weight, what they eat for breakfast might be key to shifting the pounds.

Weight loss guru Dr Michael Mosley – creator of the 5:2 diet and Very Fast 800 Keto – has shared one food item that can help people lose weight if they start their days with it.

He also warned against adding some items to your breakfast menu to avoid gaining weight.

Here’s the ideal breakfast for weight-watchers and how it helps them with their weight loss goals.

What should you eat for breakfast to lose weight?
Dr Michael Mosley revealed that starting your day with eggs can be key to losing weight, with a mushroom omelette being one of his own “go-to breakfasts”.

On his website, he wrote: “Boiled, poached, scrambled or as an omelette – they’ll keep you feeling fuller for longer compared to cereal or toast.”

He explained that eggs are high in protein, Vitamin B and selenium, assuring weight-watchers that the food item also won’t raise their cholesterol, contrary to popular belief.

What you pair with eggs is equally important. For instance, Dr Mosley adds onions and mushrooms to his omelettes.

Onions are high in probiotics, which feed the good bacteria in our gut. Mushrooms are high in Vitamin D.

You can also add other nutrient-rich ingredients such as spinach and garlic, turmeric and chilli flakes, which enhances flavours as well.

What food should you avoid at breakfast?
While eggs at breakfast help you lose weight, Dr Michael Mosley warned that people watching their weight should be careful about which meats they eat.

Bacon and eggs sound like an ideal breakfast combination, but bacon is a processed meat, which Mosley advises should be eaten “sparingly” and “in small quantities”.

Instead of bacon, try eating fish like salmon, which is more likely to fill you up alongside eggs.

He says we can also add fibrous greens, parmesan and a sprinkle of chilli to make the healthy breakfast more delicious.

In addition to meat, he also recommends that we stay away breakfast pastries, which are often high-carb, high-calorie and low protein as well as breakfast cereals that are “laden in sugar”.